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How do we get involved in gymnastics?

The only way to get involved in gymnastics at the Club Des Sports is to book a trial through our reception and our coaches will guide you from then on. There is no hard and fast rule about the age of a child and their ability and so for the best advice please email Aurora here: Gymnastics Enquiry.

Can we drop in for classes?

All gymnastics classes, after the initial trial, are only bookable for the entire term. If you are new to gymnastics and wish to join midterm the cost will be a reflection of this otherwise we expect all those taking part in gymnastics to book for entire terms only. This is simply due to the nature of gymnastics and our belief that this enables us to deliver safer, more structured and therefore beneficial classes to the children attending.

What should they wear?

Children should wear clothing suitable for Gymnastics and ideally a leotard, Boys can wear t-shirts and shorts. All Gymnastics classes are barefoot, so there is no need for any footwear for these courses.

What equipment do children need to bring?

All equipment is provided by the Club.

For the safety of children all long hair must be tied up.